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Our secure payment Using Visa / Mastercard / Paypal / Postepay

Paypal Protection purchases

If a qualifying purchase does not arrive or does not match the seller's description, you can repay the full amount, including shipping.
To learn more, see our Terms of Use.
Have you bought a book and receive a DVD; you bought a new article and I get a used one; I have purchased 3 items and receive 2; the item is damaged during shipping; Article lacks essential components (not shown in the description of the seller); the object is an imitation of the brand you purchased.
Important rules
Protection purchases does not apply if the seller described the object in detail and accurate, but you are not happy with the purchase; if you opened the dispute after more than 180 days from the date of purchase; or if your PayPal account is not in good standing. Pay attention to these rules.
Such purchases are not covered?
The protection does not apply in the case of digital goods or services (e-books, music, etc.), Property, vehicles (of any kind), travel tickets, and all items advertised on "eBay listings." The protection does not cover purchases, also, items purchased in person or the money to send to family and friends. You must file a complaint within 180 days of purchase.
Unauthorized use of your account
We can cover you in the event of unauthorized purchases from you, but executed with your PayPal account if signals the problem within 60 days. Remember there are requirements to be met.
If an order does not arrive or does not match the seller's description, you can repay the full amount, including shipping. Remember there are requirements to be met.
Please report any suspicious activity, identity theft or phishing. We are ready to help.
Protection sales
If you receive an unauthorized payment (for example, from an account hit by hackers), or if a customer said they had not received a purchased item, we protect you for the full amount of the sale, at no additional cost, provided that the sale meets certain requirements .
To learn more, see our Terms of Use.
Sales protected
The protection applies only in the case of materials subject to shipping items which were paid for with PayPal. The transaction must be marked as suitable for the Protection sales in the "Transaction Details" of the user's behalf. In case of a claim for unauthorized payment or item not received, you must have proof of shipment, while in case of chargeback for item not received, you must have proof of delivery.
Proof of delivery
It is necessary to have the right to protection. It can be a document or a digital output from the delivery company, indicating the date of shipment, the recipient's address and the date of delivery.
Such sales are not covered?
The protection does not apply in case of sale of intangible assets or digital (e-books, music, etc.) And services; if the item sold does not match your description; if you deliver an item in person or if you send it in a non-traceable.
Customers reassured
Test your PayPal account becoming a Verified seller: your customers will feel reassured and will conquer new ones.
Assistance during resolution
We offer complete assistance to help resolve any disputes or in case of fraudulent payments.
Our recommendations
Make sure to keep the signature confirmation of delivery, in addition to the proof of shipment (see above). If your customer has a complaint, respond to our requests for information you will receive via email.
Send the goods to the buyer that you find in the "Transaction Details". If you sell outside of eBay, make sure the shipping address is "Confirmed" (that is verified by us in an effort to prevent fraud).
Your data is secure
PayPal does not communicate with the card number or other personal information when you shop online, but only email address and password. And if you forget your login information, you can use the security questions to recover. If you forget the answers, contact us and we'll help you remember them.
A chargeback occurs when a buyer requires the issuer of your credit card to reverse a payment already made. We are present at all stages of the procedure and we will keep informed the parties involved.
Security 24/24
We monitor every single transaction 24 hours 24, to prevent fraud, phishing emails, identity theft and other unpleasant situations. Our advanced systems for automatic encryption contribute to maintaining high standards of protection. Remember that you will never ask you to email your personal and / or financial or login to your PayPal account.
Border security
Sell ​​or buy in 203 countries. We accept 26 different currencies and convert for you. Wherever you shop our safety is always the same.

Visa Safe shopping online

Use your Visa card on the internet is as safe, fast, easy and reliable as shopping in traditional stores. And with Verified by Visa, it's even better.

Verified by Visa ensures that both you and the retailer from which purchases are who you say you are. Search the Verified by Visa logo on your favorite websites.

If you want to use your Visa card on a website that does not yet offer Verified by Visa, you must take these simple safety measures:

Make sure that the information related to your card are safely encrypted before being sent over the Internet - search the unbroken key or padlock at the bottom of your browser window or check the name, which must start with https: // rather than http: //
Use the latest version of your browser and check that the operating system of your computer is up to date
you shop at retailers that you know, or do some research to make sure they are reputable and are reliable
Keep a copy of your transactions on the internet, including the address of the retailer's website. Many online stores send customers e-mails summarizing the purchase details - make sure you save or print these messages
Before you buy, read the terms of delivery and that should be made available on the website of the retailer. You can return items not satisfactory? If products are defective, you can get a refund or a credit note?
The retailer's website should also include information on how and delivery costs, currencies accepted and applied to taxes
Search for a phone number or an email address and annotali to possibly send any question.


 MasterCard has always been very careful in ensuring that their holders the security and tranquility for payments made via the Internet, they wanted to further enhance the reliability of its carteadottando 3D Secure technology, which stands for Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode, depending of the circuit.

As of February activating Verified by VISA (for Cardholders Visa) and MasterCard SecureCode (for Cardholders MasterCard) will be made mandatory for all online purchases on the websites of certified operators.

To simplify the recording will be made available to the system Activation During Shopping (ADS) which allows you to activate the service when buying online on the website of merchants displaying the logo Verified by Visa and / or MasterCard SecureCode.

Since early February, the first time you buy online through a website certificate, you will see a mask that allows you to sign up immediately to the services and thus conclude the purchase.

The data that are required are the Code Holder (the ten-digit number in the upper right on the letter of charge) and the security number with three digits located on the back of the card. E 'therefore advisable to keep them available.

Holders can also register already in Verified by VISA or MasterCard SecureCode by accessing the private site of his bank and following the instructions to generate the password and the phrase the ID to be used for purchases on-line. The password must be stored carefully, never written to the credit card or divulged to other persone.Nel case the owner has more than one credit card, will have to make the registration process for each card. The new service will be able to join all the Holders of both circuits.

The owner, after activating the service and choose a password, when is preparing to pay for an online purchase at a merchant must:

- Enter the number and the expiration date of your card, as usual
- Enter the password to permanently authorize the transaction.

 When you type your password correctly when a purchase is confirmed to be the cardholder and the purchase is completed. If you enter an incorrect password, the purchase is completed. Even if someone knows the number of the credit card, the purchase can not be completed without the password.

 Holders who have enabled MasterCard SecureCode and / or Verified by VISA will enjoy shopping as usual even with non-certified operators. In these cases, the transaction will be completed without the need to enter a password, and authentication phrase, or with existing safety levels.

For your own safety, we recommend that you choose online stores certificates, which feature the new system MasterCard SecureCode and / or Verified by VISA.

 What are the benefits of Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure Code?

For buyers:

Online shopping safer: reduction of the level of fraud through credit card.
Both the request that the use of the service are easy and free.
Once the service is activated, the card will be recognized by all the online stores affiliated.
Greater confidence in the online retailer, which has made their own safety and the consumer, a priority.

 For sellers:

Significant reduction of exposure to the risk of fraud, calling card holders to prove their identity.
80% reduction in the number of disputed transactions by banks, helping to ensure the future of e-commerce.
Increased customer confidence:

 Verified by Visa and MasterCard Securcode increase buyer confidence in shopping online. The research shows that 84% of people who have never used online stores with this new system, are more likely to do so, while 71% of those who normally buy from an online store, they are inclined to do it more often .


The new Security web Postepay is an innovative solution that provides security and reliability for transactional operations with Postepay made online on the websites of the Italian Post Office (,,

The new system for the authorization of payment transactions (Postepay, phone recharge, payment bulletin) made with Postepay on the sites of the Italian Post Office, involves the use of two tools:

Postepay card

the phone "associated with the paper", on which will be sent via SMS password dispositive "disposable" called OTP (One Time Password), specially created for each payment transaction.
 To activate the security web Postepay life are a few, simple steps:

releases at any Post Office and at ATMs Postamat your mobile phone number to associate it to your Postepay card;
subsequently, enable your card to the new system by visiting the "Security web" of the menu dedicated to online services Postepay.